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12/2/08 03:29 pm

Title: Invincible
Rateing: R
Pairing: Still deciding
Characters: Omi, Aya, maybe Schuldig
Summary: Aya still holdes a deep grudge against the Takatori's, even though the only one still alive is Omi. Omi's is slowly falling into depression, now stuck on a mission with Aya, will things get better or worse?
Status: Ongoing
If anyone is intrested in Beta reading for me I'm looking for one.


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6/2/08 09:52 pm - Kit was board

Okay! So I've been wanting to do a comic for a long while now. But I just didn't have the patience sit down and actually DO it. Well, guess what. ^-^ I finally sat down and did it! This is my first attempt comic~ and I have an idea in mind for my next one! it's just the sitting down and actually doing it part that tends to stop me~

So click on the LJ cut to view the comic!!! warning, it's a tad big ^-^

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5/4/08 02:00 am - Bad day

Hey, look at that. Kit is actually going to use her journal to post something about her life! Yep, I'm to sick tired and lazy right now to hook up my camera and try and use that. Not to mention I have NO clue where it went to so videos can bite my ass for now.

Stress, it is a killer. Seriously. I knew it was coming, I've been close to tears for a few days now, and the other night when I was going to my car I just WANTED to cry because I knew I was going to have a brake down and I just wanted to get it over and done with. And then crawl into my nice warm bed curl up and feel better when I wake up. Nope. Didn't happen. I even tried watching a sad movie. but I was just to damn tired to really care.

So what happens? I wake up today, feeling really really drained. I can't even think strait. I bring my brothers to work, the whole time thinking that I have to talk to one of my managers because I had forgotten to clock out last night and they can fix it so I don't get in trouble for it. Lucky me I had the same manager tonight that I did last night so she fixed it. But I didn't see her until the end of my shift. So I go and get gas in the car. Turns out that I now have to put $40 in the gas tank. only $5 more then I was putting in there before. But still. When I only have 172 for a pay check it bring the accounts down a LOT. So I can't even afford to get out of work early any more. And I'll probably start asking to be extended on my six hour days. -_-' oh joy....not what I want to be thinking about when I can't even keep my eyes open long enough to finish a normal work day.

Anyway. I fill my gas tank, then go to work. Waiting for the bus that takes me to work I remember that there are two movies that I borrowed from the work library that I forgot were due back YESTURDAY. Great, just what I needed. Have them zap money from my already low pay check to pay for the movies that I haven't brought back. And all of this is added onto the fact that I haven't slept well because of this damn cold I am stuck with. Make it to work, find out that the person who was supposed to be doing rest rooms before me called out. And no one has really been able to keep up with them all day. So I spent the first half hour of my shift trying to fix up ONE of the rest rooms at least before going to the 6'O-clock meeting we have every day. Go there and I am BOILING. I mean really super extreamly hot. I had a cold cloth against my forhead and it was not helping much at all. I couldn't tell you a damn thing the manager said either because I was so out of it. For most of the day I couldn't even REMEMBER going to the meeting. After that I went back to my rest rooms checked the second one that I had, it was fairly decent so I go back to the one that's the busiest. Go in the stock room and grab some stuff that I need. Then decide to call my mom and ask her if she could get the two movies for me that were due back if she could get them togeather so I wouldn't have to bother doing it when I got home. Hang up with her then decide I really should get into my rest room and clean it.

The only problem now is, I can't stop crying. Fourty five minutes and I couldn't stop. Finally forced myself to stop because I couldn't deal with it then. I'd ask to go home early, but I couldn't even do that because I had to wait for my brothers to get out of work and then go pick them up. So whether I worked or not I still had to STAY and I would rather be paid for staying there.

Finally make it home. feeling a bit better but still on edge. So I sit down at the computer and...no one's online...well, chaos is on but she was getting ready for bed. And I know form experience that when someone is getting ready to go to bed the LAST thing they want and or need is someone rambling at them about how shitty their day was...Lia's away message was up, but I left her a message anyway saying hi...and then she signed off, probably because last I heard she was sick too. so yeah...i'm going to crawl in bed curl up and go to sleep and pretend this day never happened.

4/23/08 09:43 am - Shocker

Okay, well I haven't been around much the past four days because...well because first I had a dollie meet to go to. It was lots of fun I got to show off my new baby boy Kai. And that was a sleep over dollie meet. a four hour drive away. So yeah, fun, but i'm glad I don't do that to often because my stomach couldn't handle the drive that well. (motion sickness...blarg.) Not to bad, just a really upset stomach. So I get home, stay up REALLY late because I find a weiss Kreuz fanfic I wanted to read. Started reading that and didn't make it to bed until like...three  something in the morning. And then I was woken up by my cousin around nine monday morning. Now that was a real shock.

I haven't seen my cousin in almost a year. And she lives all the way up in MA. Her and my aunt didn't tell anyone they were coming down, they just showed up and surprised us all. It was awesome. I got to take my cousin to Disney for the first time in her life. She had a blast. And I had an awesome couple of days. But it was very tiring ^-^ and now I get to go back to work. again...blarg.....but ah well. It's worth it after four days off....even though I didn't originaly have TWO of those days off. my was a bad girl and called in. But now kit must go and get ready for work and find some food~

4/13/08 12:47 pm - 'Ello! Tis another post!!!

Alrighty then! Since i've been to lazy (yet again) to sit down and talk at my camera and make another video for all you out there in internet land that actually care about what's going on in my life ^-^ Here is another LJ post just for you.

First of all. I've got new smexy pictures of my dollies!

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And those are my dollies. In other news. I got the days off in July for my cousin to come and visit! We're going to MetroCon in Tampa FL. I'm dressing up as Omi-chan!!!

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So that is one of my costumes. My friend Usagi, I am trying to make her a Nagi costume and she's going to be my Nagi. ^-^
Now, speaking of Weiss! I've also got an RP up! And it's ALMOST started. So if anyone is hanging around looking at my LJ that likes weiss and thinks maybe they wanna join? Feel free~

Now that i'm done with that. I must go and poke at Usagi and see if she wants to join too~

4/4/08 02:16 am

Alrighty then! Might as well remember I have this thing and actually USE it ne? So, I have yet to actually get new pics of my dolls. But I have however, ordered a new doll. He will be my third boy, fourth doll, and first SD size ^-^ When he arrives there will be MAJOR SPAM! So just warning all of my....one...firend....hehe. ^-^

I also figured since I can't get online and actually talk to people as much as I used to, and my little video blog isn't being updated as often as I thought I would be able to. This is the next best thing.

Not much has been happening except for the fact that I have been looking for a new job. I can' t take working at Disney much longer. It's a good place to work, but it's not for me. I like actually being able to plan things, and be able to do them. Like having my friend and cousin come down for a week to go to an anime con, and take them to disney for the first time.

Or to be able to go up to MA to visit Lia. Or to be able to have weekends off and actually go to church again. So yeah, i'm looking for a new job. Because I think I will go insane if I have to stay working for disney. And I can't afford to be out of a job right now.

And....I can't think of anything else to write right now, because I should have been in bed half an hour ago >_< i'm SO going to regreat staying up this late tomorrow....blah, I curse my 12PM shift....I don't think i've woken up before noon in....about a month.

3/28/08 02:33 am - Hokay

Okay. this will be my little corner of the world! That's it, all mine. Belongs to me and only me! But whoever runs across this is welcome to post anything. This space will be dedicated to my hobbies. It will be posted in the subject what the new post contains. Whether it's new pics or comics of my dolls. A new story, or just rambling about life just for the hell of it. ^-^ Most posts will be open for the public! So please enjoy!  
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