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celtic_kitsune's Journal

15 September 1985
I am 22 years old, going to be 23 in September. (this was writen 2008. Putting this in because I have a bad habit of NOT updating these things)

I grew up in MA, and now live in Florida. One thing I love is finally living in a state where I can spell the name.

I love reading, mostly fanfics, but my mom has gotten me into her Scottland time travle books. I am currently helping her write one, and I am writing my own fantasy book at the moment too.

Role playing. I have far to many characters to count. And there is no way I will name them all here. Two of my favorite characters that have survived a long time. Are Rin and Ren. They have the most development to them because they were a pair of my first characters. Most of my other first time characters have all died off. But Rin and Ren keep coming back.

My favorite animal is a Fox
My favorite pet is a cat

And I'm to tired and lazy right now to finish typing so that'll have to do!