celtic_kitsune (celtic_kitsune) wrote,

'Ello! Tis another post!!!

Alrighty then! Since i've been to lazy (yet again) to sit down and talk at my camera and make another video for all you out there in internet land that actually care about what's going on in my life ^-^ Here is another LJ post just for you.

First of all. I've got new smexy pictures of my dollies!


Mamoru my Emo baby!

And those are my dollies. In other news. I got the days off in July for my cousin to come and visit! We're going to MetroCon in Tampa FL. I'm dressing up as Omi-chan!!!

This is me as Omi. yes, I know the wig is to blond. But, it can't be helped at this point in time

So that is one of my costumes. My friend Usagi, I am trying to make her a Nagi costume and she's going to be my Nagi. ^-^
Now, speaking of Weiss! I've also got an RP up! And it's ALMOST started. So if anyone is hanging around looking at my LJ that likes weiss and thinks maybe they wanna join? Feel free~

Now that i'm done with that. I must go and poke at Usagi and see if she wants to join too~
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