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Okay, well I haven't been around much the past four days because...well because first I had a dollie meet to go to. It was lots of fun I got to show off my new baby boy Kai. And that was a sleep over dollie meet. a four hour drive away. So yeah, fun, but i'm glad I don't do that to often because my stomach couldn't handle the drive that well. (motion sickness...blarg.) Not to bad, just a really upset stomach. So I get home, stay up REALLY late because I find a weiss Kreuz fanfic I wanted to read. Started reading that and didn't make it to bed until like...three  something in the morning. And then I was woken up by my cousin around nine monday morning. Now that was a real shock.

I haven't seen my cousin in almost a year. And she lives all the way up in MA. Her and my aunt didn't tell anyone they were coming down, they just showed up and surprised us all. It was awesome. I got to take my cousin to Disney for the first time in her life. She had a blast. And I had an awesome couple of days. But it was very tiring ^-^ and now I get to go back to work. again...blarg.....but ah well. It's worth it after four days off....even though I didn't originaly have TWO of those days off. my was a bad girl and called in. But now kit must go and get ready for work and find some food~
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