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Title: Invincible
Rateing: R
Pairing: Still deciding
Characters: Omi, Aya, maybe Schuldig
Summary: Aya still holdes a deep grudge against the Takatori's, even though the only one still alive is Omi. Omi's is slowly falling into depression, now stuck on a mission with Aya, will things get better or worse?
Status: Ongoing
If anyone is intrested in Beta reading for me I'm looking for one.



By Yami Kitsune

Chapter one


It was hard to believe that Omi was still considered a child. Just the thought that the young blond had been training to be a killer long before Weiss had ever been formed was enough to make some people sick. Not Aya though, ever since the incident with his parents he had detached himself from the world. And the only thing he ever felt, or saw now a-days when he looked or thought of Omi was pure hatred. Hatred for the Takatori’s.


All this time he had been working with and taking orders from a member of that family, the family that had ruined Aya’s hole life, and taken everything away from him. The knowledge that Omi was a member of that family made Aya’s blood boil and hiss the name as if it were venom on his lips.


His thoughts had been on Omi for a while now, thinking of everything he knew about the boy. Did Omi really have amnesia? What if it was all just a lie? All the Takatori’s were evil; no questions about it, so something like this would have been easy for them. And for Aya, the fact that Omi was a killer was proof enough that he had his fathers, Reji Takatori’s blood running through his vanes.


Aya ignored the small voice in the back of his head that pointed out that he himself was a killer as well. Though he had the argument that he was only a killer now BECAUSE of Takatori. So he was justified in killing people.


Aya was in the middle of cleaning his Katana when a noise from the hallway caught his attention snapping him out of his thoughts. A quick glance at the clock he frowned. It was after midnight, so the person in the hallway must have been Yohji. Choosing that he would ignore the noise like always Aya went back to cleaning his sword when a thought struck him. Yohji wasn’t there that night. He had called hours ago saying he’d had too much to drink and couldn’t drive home that night. But he was safe in the arms of a beautiful woman for the night and not to worry. Aya had hung up the phone on him before the blond could babble any more nonsense at him. Aya didn’t care what the others did in their free time.


Aya slowly stood up from his bed still gripping his sword. Knowing now that the noise was not Yohji he should at least check it out, Ken and Omi surely were both asleep by now. He racked his door open slightly peering out into the hallway. He didn’t see anyone at first so he opened the door a bit more so he could look up and down the hallway to see if anyone was there. A soft sound drew his attention to the floor.


There lying in the middle of the hallway was Omi. Aya gripped his katana more tightly feeling his hatred rising as he looked down at the boy. Omi struggled to stand up using the wall for support. He paused half way up and as if in slow motion he turned his head towards Aya just realizing that the red head was standing in the doorway glaring down at him.


“You’re making to much noise.” Aya said. Omi just stared at him his eyes slowly drifting to the katana Aya was holding then back up to look Aya in the eyes. Omi immediately regretted it. The icy glare that Aya was giving him made Omi feel like the red head was trying to freeze his very soul.


“Gomen Aya-kun…” Omi said pulling himself up the rest of the way, his words slurred together and he continued using the wall for support. “…I’ll be more quiet…” He said lowering his head and slowly making his way to his room. He paused before he opened his door and looked back at Aya who was glaring at him. Seeing that Omi was looking in his direction again he slammed the door never once noticing the look of pain that was in the boy’s eyes.


Omi lowered his eyes again and headed into his room closing the door quietly behind himself. He looked at his bed that was still neatly made, and then over at his computer that he hadn’t touched in a few days. He knew he should check it and see if Manx had contacted him about anything. But not right now, his head was pounding and he couldn’t think strait. Omi stumbled to his bathroom turning on the light and wincing at the brightness. Omi had been so desperate that night to forget everything, that’s all he had wanted to do. So he’d broken into the privet stock that Yohji kept. Omi was unsure about how much he had actually had to drink that night, but it didn’t help. All it did was make him feel even more cold and empty inside.


He leaned against the sink turning on the water and splashing his face sighing as the cool water rolled down getting the front of his shirt wet, but he didn’t care. He splashed his face a few more times before he felt around for a towel to dry off, then he looked into the mirror and was shocked that he didn’t recognize the boy staring back at him.


The once bright blue eyes looked hallow and dead. His face was flushed due to the alcohol in his system, but Omi knew that over the past couple months he had gotten paler. He’d stopped going outside, and had been working early shifts in the morning, then getting out of the shop before the noon shifts started and he would have to see Aya again. See the cold look that the red head gave him.


“Why does he hate me so much…?” Omi asked his reflection.


“Because you are useless.”


“I’m not…I’m good with computers…and I’m good at organizing missions…”


“You’re good at killing people. Like your father.”


“He’s not my father!”


“Oh really? Then why does Aya look at you with those cold eyes? It’s because you’re a Takatori.”


“no…I’m not…”


“You are, and you know it. You remember, you remember everything.”


“I don’t!” Omi cried closing his eyes tightly against the sting of tears.


“You do. You’re just lying to yourself now. You’ve remembered, you remembered from the second you saw your brother again.”


“I don’t have a brother!” Omi yelled.


“Stop lying to yourself. You’re a Takatori. The spawn of evil, the devil’s son. You should die, just like your father. Burn in hell.” Omi screamed and punched the mirror before falling to the floor crying he could feel the cuts on his hand but didn’t care. He couldn’t bring himself to care any more, he deserved it. Whatever happened to him, whatever Aya said or did, he deserved it.


“…I shouldn’t be alive…” He said to himself as he lay down on the bathroom floor and looked at his bleeding hand. “But I’m scared to die…” Slowly closing his eyes Omi let the darkness take him as he fell into a dreamless sleep. Silently wishing he wouldn’t wake up. //Aya-kun would be happy if I never woke up.// Was Omi’s last thought before passing out.


(for those of you who haven’t guessed it, Omi was having an argument with himself in the mirror)



Omi woke the next morning to the sound of someone pounding on his door. Omi groaned and rolled over trying to ignore the pounding that was making his head hurt so much. But as he rolled over a sharp pain in his arm made him wake up almost instantly. He sat up quickly his hand going to his arm and pulled out a peace of glass from the mirror. Omi stared at it slowly lowering it back to the floor he looked at the other peaces of glass around him. But he couldn’t remember how he’d gotten there, or why the glass was on the floor.


Omi slowly stood up using the sink to pull himself to his feet his other hand going to his head as he felt the room spinning around him.

“I’m up!” He yelled at whoever was pounding at his door. “Just….go away…” he said sounding less then friendly.


“I’ve been banging at your door for twenty minutes.” Aya’s voice came through the door making Omi freeze where he was. “Manx is here, we have a mission.” He called through the door. Omi didn’t say anything and went to look at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help a small chuckle.


“That explains the glass on the floor.” He told himself biting his lip as he realized he’d been talking to himself an awful lot lately.


“Are you coming downstairs or not?” Came Aya’s voice again. Omi slowly headed out of his bathroom and looked at the door. He’d obviously locked it the night before other wise Aya wouldn’t have just been knocking for as long as he had. He probably would have come in and dragged Omi out of bed by his hair.


“…I’ll be down…” He said his own voice sounding too loud for his own ears, though he was sure he hadn’t spoken very loudly at all. He heard the sigh of annoyance on the other side of his door but nothing more. Omi leaned against his door resting his head on the wood and closing his eyes willing his headache to go away. He couldn’t deal with this, not right now.


“Maybe if I speak up soon enough...I’ll be able to turn down this mission and go back to bed.” He said and headed back to the bathroom to clean himself up. The mess on the floor could wait until later. He was sure if he went down there with a bleeding arm, he glanced at his hand, and a hand with dried blood it would raise far too many questions. Questions that he did not want to answer.




It was nearly another twenty minutes before Omi came downstairs taking them slowly. Arriving downstairs Omi saw that he was the last one. Aya stood in his usual spot leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. But Omi was sure he saw the red head give him a look of annoyance as he passed.


Ken was sitting in the chair flipping through a sports magazine. He lowered it and smiled at Omi. “About time you woke up, I was starting to get worried.” Ken said. “You’re not picking up Yohji’s bad habits are you?” Ken gave him a smile and Omi managed to return it before sitting in his computer chair, which was the only seat left since Yohji was taking up the entire couch a cold cloth across his forehead. Manx glanced at Omi and Omi met her eyes but only for a second before looking down.


“Now that you’re all finally here.” She said not taking her eyes off Omi. “We can finally begin.” She turned and put the tape in the VCR. Persia’s shadowed face appeared on the TV but Omi wasn’t really paying attention, he was already planning on declining the mission as soon as he got the opportunity to do so. He closed his eyes listening to the masked voice of Persia fading in and out and then…


“Omi. Omi!” Someone was calling him. He opened his eyes slowly feeling much worse then he had a few moments ago.


“…what happened…?” He asked rubbing his eyes and looked up into Ken’s worried face. Not only Ken, but Yohji was starring at him as well and…Manx?


“Is everything alright Omi?” She asked looking concerned. Omi frowned wondering what had brought Manx to ask such a question.


“Hai, why wouldn’t it be?” He asked frowning more and straitened himself up. That’s when he realized he was sitting on the floor and he blushed brightly when he discovered he must have actually fallen asleep during the mission briefing, and fallen out of his chair. That was something he’d expect Yohji to do, but not Omi. He swallowed and scurried to his feet.


“Gomen nesai.” He said not looking anyone in the eye. “I didn’t sleep well last night.” He looked over at Manx who just nodded.


“Very well. I will leave you the mission folder for you to go through and Aya can fill you in on anything else you need to know.” She said handing the folder over to Omi who stared at it. Aya would fill him in? Why not Ken or Yohji?


“There is no time limit on this mission. As long as it is done.” Manx said and headed for the stairs.


“…wait…what?” Omi asked, but Manx had already headed upstairs leaving Omi down there with the other three.


“This mission is for you and Aya.” Ken said. “Yohji can’t do it, and it was a choice between me and you, and I…don’t think I’d be able to.” Ken said and nodded towards the folder. Omi frowned and opened it reading over the information as quickly as he could. The mission it’s self would not be easy. The two of them were going to have to assume identities as...Omi’s eyes widened and he looked at it again and again wondering if he was reading it right.


“MASTER AND SLAVE?!” Omi yelped looking up at the others his eyes even wider. “What the hell is that supposed to mean!?”


“The information that Kritiker has gathered is all there.” Aya said. “So quit bitching and get packing. We will leave tonight.” He said and heading upstairs really not happy about this mission himself.


“Don’t worry Omi.” Ken said trying to reassure him and took the folder as Omi sat back down. “There is a resort that this group of people rent out; most of them are high in society so it’s hard to get in. Kritiker has fixed it so that two of us can get in there and take out the target because that’s where he’s been hiding for the past six months. They tried to get it so you’d be going in as help instead of actual members of the club.”


“So why does that mean *I* have to go?” Omi asked putting his head in his hands. Why was life so unfair?


“Because it would look strange if Aya showed up there and didn’t even have a servant with him. Yohji can’t do it.” Ken said again as he shot Yohji a glance, the blond play boy had failed to say why he couldn’t do it but Ken could take a few guesses. “And I don’t think I would be good at it. I’m not the best at taking orders, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to be in charge.” Ken explained. Omi had to admit that if choosing from just the four of them he and Aya would be the best choice. Or maybe him and Yohji, but as it had been pointed out more then once Yohji couldn’t do it, and now Manx was expecting Omi to be the one teamed up with Aya.


“alright…” Omi said and took the folder back standing up. Yet again not meeting Yohji or Ken’s eyes as he headed upstairs. “I should go pack some things.” The last thing he wanted to do was get Aya upset, not when the red head had enough to be upset at Omi about.


Ken and Yohji watched Omi go before looking at each other. “Do you think this is a good idea?” Yohji asked. Ken shrugged.


“It’s the only thing I could think of. If those two don’t work things out soon this team is going to fall apart. I don’t know what Omi did to piss Aya off.”


“I doubt Omi did anything.” Yohji pointed out.


“You’re probably right. But Aya had better get over it fast.” Ken said a look of worry on his face.


“You saw his arm too then?” Yohji asked referring to Omi. Ken nodded.


“And his hand was wrapped up to. Aya said that his door had been locked when he went upstairs. And I heard Omi come upstairs really late last night. I think Aya snapped at him again.” Ken sighed.


“If things really do keep going like this…Weiss isn’t going to be last much longer.” Yohji sighed laid back staring at the ceiling. Ken sighed and leaned back in his chair wondering if this really was going to be a good idea. It was too late to have second thoughts now.




Omi headed upstairs to his room slowly. His mind was racing with the information he had read about the mission. He could understand the logic of it; but it didn’t mean he was going to like it. He decided not to think on it overly much as he closed his bedroom door behind him so he could pack


He decided that he would need his laptop, and if he was going to have to play his part well, his normal cloths wouldn’t be right. Sighing Omi dug through his closet looking for the outfit he hadn’t worn in a long time. Back in the days when they were still living in the trailer, a portable flower shop. Omi half smiled as he remembered, it had been cramped with four grown men living in the same trailer. Okay, so two grown men and two boys. Omi had still only been sixteen at the time. And Aya had only been with Weiss a couple of months.  


Omi wished he could go back to those days, back when he didn’t remember who he was, back when Aya didn’t know he was a Takatori. Not that Aya really cared about much back then, but Omi had always been able to get him to talk. Omi let out a long sigh again then frowned as he realized he’d been sighing a lot lately. Shaking his head Omi went back to his task at hand, finding his old cloths.


He knew they would still fit, they’d be a bit tight but they’d fit. He hadn’t really grown much since he was 16. Some people might even say he hadn’t grown much since he was 13.


“Ah-HA! Found you.” Omi said as he looked up to the top shelf and found the box he was looking for. He climbed up on a pile of junk he had stuffed in there and pulled it down stumbling back as he discovered it was a lot heavier then he expected it to be. He managed to stay on his feet. Omi brought the box over to the bed and opened it. The first thing he saw on top was a stuffed Bombay cat that Yohji had gotten for him for his 16th birthday. ‘I saw it and it reminded me of you.’ Had been Yohji’s excuse, of course it had reminded Yohji of him, it was a Bombay after all. Omi had been nice and kept it, but had packed it away instead.


“You never got a name did you?” He asked the stuffed animal. “I’ll think of one later.” He set it on his bed before going back to look at the other stuff in the box. There were a couple shirts that had black cats on them and Omi rolled his eyes. Yohji had had a bad habit for about two months, when ever he saw something with a black cat on it he had to buy it for Omi. Half the stuff Omi never even wore.


Holding the shirt up Omi shrugged tossing it aside to try on; they still had the price tags on them so he might as well ware them once. Omi continued going through the box and found more cloths he could take with him, and some he deiced he might even keep out and ware on an every day basis.


Perhaps he’d change his image for a while. See if the others would notice. He doubted it, he couldn’t count the times he’d come home drunk and no one had even said anything to him. Why should they? They weren’t family after all. Just team mates, co-workers, there was no reason for them to interfere in each others lives. Omi looked back in the box to make sure he had gotten everything before tossing it aside and going through the cloths once so he could put them in his bag.


As he picked up one shirt and shook it out so that it unfolded, there was a crash. Omi looked down to see what had fallen and frowned when he saw it was a picture frame. Kneeling down Omi reached out and turned it over so he could see what picture it was. Omi sat back on the floor with a soft ‘thud’ as he stared at the picture.


It was of the four of them, Aya was staring at the camera obviously surprised that the picture was being taken. Yohji had obviously just woken up since he was standing by the door yawning, and Omi was in the background with Ken scolding him for kicking the soccer ball around the shop. Omi didn’t know how long he sat there staring at the picture but it must have been a while because Aya was now banging on his door.


“Are you ready to go?” He asked not sounding too happy about having to do this mission with Omi. Omi huffed and threw the picture into his trash. He had been stupid to think that a group of killers could ever be like his family. It was only proof that he really was alone, an no one truly cared.


“Nearly.” Omi called back as he pulled himself to his feet and threw the rest of the stuff in his bag. He headed over to the door and opened it looking up at Aya. Aya stared back at him not even attempting to hide the hatred he had for the boy.


“Lets go.” Aya turned and headed downstairs with his own back. Omi took a deep breath and followed Aya silently hoping that maybe this would be the mission he would end up dying on. Maybe if Aya was lucky he’d be able to witness it. Omi thought with a small smile; that was fitting wasn’t it? Reiji had witnessed Aya’s parents dying, so Aya would get to witness the last of the Takatori’s die.




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